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I'm sorry Livejournal

But Tumblr has gotten the best of me.

If you don't already have the address for my Tumblr, here it is;


We've had a long run. Livejournal. Really long.

This probably won't be the last time i post here, But it's become easier in Tumblr, and i've sort of lost the ability to keep meticulous notes on my life.

Love you forever Livejournal <3

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i hate my classes. BLAAAARGH. i have like the worst classes. i dont have like any friends in any of them. except stefanie owusu in bio and english. but other than that noone. >:[ i swear that my entire english class is made up of the preps. i dont like labeling them that, but i really dont know how else to describe them. theyre ALL in my english class.cvPQhrt3q8hn. i need to change my schedule ASAP. i dont want to be stuck with this for my last year of highschool. >O!!
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